Wednesday, January 24, 2007

8 Ball Corner Pocket

8 Ball Corner Pocket
5"x7" Oil on gessoed board
Here we are! Another one begins. This is a first in a series of billiard themed paintings. I just got the itch I guess to do some and so now it begins.

I really like this composition, and how it just looks like its going to be fun to do.

I will be doing step by steps of this one too. I hope you will enjoy them.

In this step, I used the grid system to insure accuracy in my free hand drawing. I want my detail tight on this one. I am more than satisfied with the initial drawing.

I will ink it in. As I said before, inking does not mean I will use ink it simply is a borrowed term instead I will use a Burnt Sienna thinned with a little turp.
In steps 2 & 3 you can see this process. After completely going over the pencil sketch with my burnt sienna. I then wipe away any pencil that might still be present making sure I don't wipe away any of the burnt sienna used to ink it in.

Now, I will begin laying in my background colors and work forward. So, theres More to come!



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