Friday, January 05, 2007

Check Mate Update

Here is an update to Check Mate!

In the first part of the image... to the left.. I wanted to lay a base color to start blocking it in.

Then I focussed on the King. I didn't block it in solid at first as I was trying to check its symmetry

I wasn't completely satisfied so in blocking it in I reworked its general shape. Once I had it where I was satisfied with the overall shape I made it a solid black. Well, actually not a true black but you get the picture.

Then I decided to block in the first layer of the background. I like where its going and look forward to when it is a bit drier so I can better blend it to the chess board.

Once this stage is near dry or sort of a tacky feel to it then I will focuss in on a finer detail and blending.

Not to far from the stage where it will begin to pop as I call it, and I am so looking forward to that stage.

I hope you are enjoying the step by step progresses of my work. I hope to in the near future do some videos for You tube to be placed on here so you can see the progress in action.

More to come!



Blogger jeanie schlump said...

I like this progressive view, seeing the tracery of the artist rather than a totally finished work.

5:32 PM  
Blogger MBStudios said...

Thank you, I enjoy doing them. Instead of just placing the finished work and saying here it is... I thought it might be good to show the process.

I remember how many times I wondered when I was starting out when I would ask, how did they do that?

So this is for all of those that just might have an interest in how it was done!
Of course the final image has been posted too as seen in one of the more recent post.


1:50 AM  

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