Friday, January 19, 2007

Broken with Purpose

Broken with Purpose
5"x7" Oil on gessoed board

An Egg, it has so many purposes that might come to mind. But what came to my mind was that even when broken it has purpose. In fact, with one of its uses it must be broken in order to fulfill its intended function.

Sometimes we might feel broken and of no use. But just perhaps we need to be broken so that we too can fulfill our intended purpose.

It has been said that our trials in life only serve to make us stronger! So, should we feel broken down or perhaps that we should even be discarded. We should pause and consider that this might be the beginning of one of our greatest moments. The moment when in the hands of the Master we are "Broken with Purpose"!

Mark Branscum

Warning the above image may take time to load for those that might be on dial up or PC challenged!

More to come!


Blogger BCGRAY said...

Thanks Mark - very nice! I wish there were a little commentary with each step such as what you used and what you did and why...if that makes any sense. Probably because I'm still in the learning phase is why I'd like to see that. But your step-by-steps are great, and I love seeing your process and progress. :-)

6:06 PM  
Blogger MBStudios said...

I am considering doing perhaps a 2nd blog or a link to another page anyway that would show the steps with more of a break down of each step.

I am not sure however, just how detailed I want to get or should get because I dont want to take away to much time from painting.

So I am kicking around the idea to see what I come up with.

Thank you for the comments it is appreciated!


6:36 PM  

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